Who can I send these to?

A: ANYONE! Think about it, laugh over imaging those faces receiving your gift(s) and all the shit people are going to talk and give them, and now go order.

What if I want to mail internationally?

A: No problem. We understand assholes are not just in America; they’re everywhere! So it was important to us to not leave any hiding spots in the world for them to hide.

What is the “Ransom” and can you explain how that works?

A: Absolutely! Long story short it’s the GREATEST feature in the pranking world and we are the only ones that roll this way. How it works is this:


-     Once you have decided on your package of mass destruction you will be asked to choose the manner in which you would like to send it in. From the options available you can select from ANONYMOUS (your identity will NEVER be exposed) or RANSOM (the victim will have the option of paying the ransom you set to find out it is was you who OWNED them should they choose to). 


-     IF and only IF you select RANSOM as your method of delivery you can then determine the amount by selecting from the options ($5, $10, $15, $20, $30) in which your victim will have to pay to find out it was you whom sent it. 


-     IF and only IF your package has an assigned RANSOM CODE and RANSOM AMOUNT to it are you afforded the opportunity to find whom sent it.  You will go to the “PAY RANSOM” section on the home page and input the required information: Ransom Amount given, Ransom Code given, and email you want to be notified at.

Studies have shown our RANSOM feature INCREASES the effect of your prank by 17.6 BILLION%. NO ONE in this world and in their right mind is NOT going to want to know who sent the package if allotted the option. No matter the price!  They will fight for a solid 54 seconds or so, but then after a valiant effort they are going to do whatever they have to just to find out for peace of mind sake.  This is the best part:  When (not if) they do pay and they do find it was you they will be relieved at knowing only to be mad again at the thought of did they not only got embarrassed by you, but also PAID FOR IT!!!


How will I know if a RANSOM has been paid by my victim?

A: We will notify you via email or you can always ask us by emailing us at

If my victim paid the RANSOM; in what way am I paid? Cash? Store Credit?

A: Great question.  The answer is BOTH. I will give you 50% cash option of the ransom paid (Payment ONLY through PayPal) OR I will give 100% in-store credit to use on them again or a new victim of your choosing.


Is this a SCAM?

A: NO, in fact give me your address; I have something special just for you ;)


Can I follow you on Facebook/Twitter?

A: Absolutely NOT! ….Creeper! Just kidding.  Yes absolutely; we post all our specials, contests, new product announcements, shit talking, pictures, etc. on them.  Pass us along and let me know and I will shoot you over a killer discount to use for whatever schmuck your thinking about jacking up.